In The Tunnel

Wax zone

In the Wax Zone, cars are cleaned, waxed, treated with osmosis water and then dried. First, cars are cleaned with a high pressure spray before wax is applied to the bodywork. The car is then rinsed with water purified by reverse osmosis (osmosis water). This water has been softened and demineralised so that it leaves no residual drops or traces when it dries. The car then passes through a drip space where excess water comes off the car, before it is dried. The Wax Zone features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel arch (for larger sized car washes) or hanging manifolds (for smaller units). Tailored nozzles mounted to either the arch or the manifold are used to apply the wax and the osmosis water. The arches and manifolds are designed to have the optimal spraying angles and distance. Because of this, wax is applied to hard-to-reach areas including the back of the bumper and no spot is missed. The Wax Zone is illuminated with LED lights for an attractive and low maintenance lighting setup. A softener and osmosis system with storage tank is included in the Wax Zone system.