In The Tunnel / Cloth Modules


Mitter brushes effectively clean the horizontal surfaces of the vehicle’s front and back hood, as well as the rest of its upper body. Built from high-grade stainless steel and containing no bearings, our mitters ensure durability and virtually eliminate the need for routine maintenance. Rocker brushes clean the hard-to-reach areas of the lower rocker panel and wheels. Featuring a simple and clean design, angle and speed controls to match vehicle type and conveyor speed requirements, and a heavy-duty electric drive, these brushes can be leg-mounted or freestanding, depending on what you need. Wrap-around brushes are specially designed to “wrap around” the vehicle’s front and back without damaging mirrors, antennas, and rear wiper blades. These low-weight overlapping brushes feature sturdy double-tapered roller bearings with spring-loaded bumpers, precision air control, and calibrated pressure to ensure a safe, consistent, and high-quality wash. They can be used on conveyors moving at speeds approaching 200 vehicles/hour, and require very little maintenance.  Built for heavy use, the module’s easy-to-install stainless steel construction offers an optimised mounting system that makes brush replacement and maintenance work a breeze. All side and wrap-around brushes contained in this module are interchangeable, which guarantees a quick and low-cost replacement process.