PRO BRO arches

PRO BRO car washes have a distinct, aesthetically striking look achieved by organising all the cleaning equipment on stainless-steel arches that vehicles move through during the wash cycle. The system includes a 7-stage pre-soak, a high-pressure wash arch, a wax application, and several bare arches. Furthermore, our solution is easy to assemble and does not require hiring highly qualified experts. The ladder rack-mounted wax application arch is used for dispensing foamed body soap. The pre-soak and rinse arches feature an overhead oscillating, high-pressure manifold with 26 nozzles per side for world-class performance. Arch-based systems like ours ensure a quick installation process, easy access to equipment during maintenance, and a clutter-free car wash design. But that’s just for starters, it also offers low cost in terms of installation materials, and great aesthetic appeal.