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License plate recognition system

In addition to quick and easy licence plate identification, our LPR system offers a number of additional features designed to boost net revenue. The LPR system enables owners to gather valuable data on customer activity and usage with their full permission. You get a comprehensive licence plate database, which enables you to distinguish between new and returning customers. Furthermore, when this data is combined with the PRO BRO app, you can gain actionable business insights to help you grow. This information makes it easier to upsell, converting one-off customers into members with retargeted messaging. You can also create offers and promotions tailored to specific customers, and set up any number of house accounts for your employees to simplify the wash redemption process. For example you can set the base cost you wish to be covered automatically. What's more, the system makes it possible for customers to purchase memberships without the extra RFID tag interaction. They can also sign up online by entering their licence plates and redeeming them via a scan upon arrival at the car wash.