In The Tunnel / Underbody Manifolds

Bumper spray

Our bumper spray applicators are situated at the beginning of the tunnel, and deliver a pre-soak to the front and rear bumpers. The chemical formula of the pre-soak works to dislodge bugs and other dirt that has built up on the bumpers. After the pre-soak has been applied, hot water is used to increase the effectiveness of this process. A high pressure blaster with rotating nozzles is then used to remove all of the debris and fully clean the bumpers. High-grade stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion is used for the housing and cases of the bumper spray. To improve profitability for owners, PRO BRO is continually working to minimize the amount of pre-soak needed while achieving the most effective cleaning possible. We do this by making adjustments to the nozzles and the chemical dosing system.